Fender Blues Junior

   I stated on other pages that no amp can do it all. You should be aware of that, and not just aware, but to really accept that Fender Blues Junior is no different here. What I think is so great about this amp is that you don't have to be stuck with it in just one genre of music. Fender Blues Junior will do, and I really mean it, nothing less then very good job when playing hard rock, blues rock and other genres.

    This is truly a classic, small, loud, all-tube Fender amplifier. It has that perfect clean sound, with much depth and character in it. The most important thing with any amplifier is, how its "clean channel" sounds. How much headroom it has (how loud can it get, without natural distorting/breaking happens). Fender Blues Junior is definitely the best within its price range.

Blues: I'll give it 10/10. It just delivers The Sound.
Blues-Rock: I'll give it 8.9/10, and this is not a bad thing. I'm very profound when it comes to guitar tone and I don't want to disrespect other amplifier production companies (namely Marshall and Orange). When I hear ZZ Top (Billy Gibons) songs, that's what I call the pure blues rock sound. It doesn't get better than that. And to really get that tone, you'll need Marshall or Orange amps. They just do the best job when it comes to over-driven sounds.
Hard rock: 8.6/10. Yes, with the right pedal and guitar, you can sound pretty much like Jimmy Page. I gave it 8.6 because it's not so straightforward thing to accomplish on Fender Blues Junior. It's doable, but not as straightforward as with Marshall amps.
Country: 10/10.
Jazz: 10/10.
Heavy metal: 6.5/10. Don't go there. Go to Marshall if you're into this kind of music. After all, amp is called "Blues" Junior :)

   That's about it. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this cute little amp. Stay in tune, and never stop playin'! Also, check out the Multimedia section where you can find various audio/video examples of the Fender tone.

      - Cheers, fbj  at  fenderbluesjunior  dot  net