Fender Blues Junior

   As you probably know already, Fender did not do a good job for you when it comes to decision, "Ok I want Fender Blues Junior, but which one?! Which Fender Blues Junior edition is right for me?". As I stated before, Fender released several limited editions of this amp. Good thing is, they all have the same electronics, it's just about make-up (different colors, materials...) and not so small variation, the speaker change.

   I will not focus on make-up variations here. It really doesn't matter much. But I can't be quiet on speaker variations. One more thing to note, in 2001. production of these amps moved from USA to Mexico. Early models of Fender Blues Junior were a bit moody or bassy if you like, and later models were more bright sounding, similar to the great Fender Blues Deluxe.

Fender Blues Junior Standard Standard Fender Blues Junior   Uses Eminence speaker. It sounds perfect with Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, but it's a bit bassy for my taste when Gibson guitars are plugged into it. As of lately, Fender released new edition called "Blues Junior III", which replaces the standard one. It has minor changes over the last one, like front reading text on top panel, new badge.. etc.

NOS Lacquer Tweed Limited Edition Blues Junior NOS Lacquer Tweed Limited Edition Fender Blues Junior   Features Jensen C12K speaker. It's much brighter than the standard one, but it very much depends on what sound flavors you prefer. To me, it's too bright when played with Telecaster or Stratocaster type guitar, but sounds really nice with Gibson Les Paul and other Gibson guitars.

Tweed Relic Edition Blues Junior Tweed Relic Edition Fender Blues Junior   This one is pretty much the same as the one above, but it's factory aged and features Jensen P12R speaker.

Fender Blues Junior Texas Red Fender Blues Junior Texas Red   Features Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. I think this one is actually the best Fender Blues Junior edition produced to date. This speaker is the most common upgrade everyone will suggest you. It just sounds right and powerful. You can play both Gibson and Fender guitars through it, and it will deliver everything you wished for!