Fender Blues Junior

  I don't have appropriate recording gear to properly demonstrate the sound that's coming out of this amp, and you deserve better than that! However, over the years I collected external material that I believe is damn worth listening.

  My intention is to show you the examples of the truly great fender amplification tone, both clean and distorted, with Gibson and Fender guitars played through it. My focus is the tone, and not the amp itself, but I've carefully chosen only the ones that Fender Blues Junior delivers almost exactly the same (if not the same).

  One of my favorite modern blues musicians is Gregor Hilden. He put over 1000 videos on YouTube, demonstrating high quality and vintage guitars. In most of his recordings, he used a classic Fender Vibrolux Reverb '66. amplifier, and that tone is really what I want to show you, because Fender Blues Junior produces very similar sounding. Enjoy!