Fender Blues Junior

   Where to start? I feel this urge to tell you everything I know, everything what I hoped for to get when I bought my first Fender Blues Junior, and generally everything I've learned about this heavenly piece of guitar amplifier in past years, but it's surprisingly difficult to decide where to start. Since you're already here, I'll try not to bother you with product sheet details, as you probably know that already (or in case you don't, check out product details on Fender website).

    When Fender Blues Junior came to my attention for the first time, I spent days browsing the web for about anything I could possibly want to know about this amp at that point. I've red tons of reviews, went across many different web sites, I've listened bunch of "demo" audio and video clips, and I still couldn't decide weather to go for it or not. Why? Because I got frustrated. I was frustrated about finding no one to actually get into the matter for more than just "Yes, It's nice blues tone.", or "You can't play heavy metal with this.". Audio clips were usually of very poor quality, and video clips highly depended and varied on recording equipment, guitarist skills and guitars they played when recorded the clip. If you want to buy Fender Blues Junior, then I believe you deserve more!

    What I'll try to do here, is to help you really learn about the Fender Blues Junior itself, its tonal character and versatility, give you some introduction on history of this amp, drop some audio clips that I hope will be useful to you, and ultimately help you decide whether to go for one or not. Or, if you already have one, maybe you'll want to hear what other Fender Blues Junior owners feel about it for whatever reason you may have in mind.